Developed and tested by our expert team in consultation with local councils, ShapeVIC makes developing, monitoring and adjusting development contribution plans straightforward and efficient.

The population of Victoria is projected increase from 6.3 million residents in 2018 to 8.5 million residents by 2038. To keep the pace with future demand, local governments need to invest to upgrade an expand their infrastructure. Otherwise, anticipated growth is likely to stress existing infrastructure, compromising living standards for the community.

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 has a number of provisions enabling the funding of infrastructure through development approval process. For example, Development Contribution Plans (DCPs) allow urban authorities to charge future users for their share of infrastructure. This instrument can generate significant revenue to fund infrastructure in growth areas.

ShapeVIC Explorer is a custom built web-based platform which helps local councils explore and validate the value of creating a DCP to fund essential local infrastructure upgrades and expansions.

ShapeVIC Creator helps local councils create their DCP. It provides a central point for data collection and preparation, and calculates contributions. The web-based tool includes a dashboard to validate data and refine scenarios.

ShapeVIC Monitor reviews the performance of an adopted DCP throughout its entire duration. The ShapeVIC dashboard displays key indicators including alerts of legal and operational requirements, allowing local councils to make timely and appropriate decisions. Yearly Ministerial reports can be exported directly from the dashboard.